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The New Zealand Association of Boutique Travel Operators Incorporated ( is a not-for-profit group of tourism businesses. We work together to promote our businesses to travellers and travel sellers around the globe.

Our niche is the independent traveller looking for unique experiences, warm hospitality and a high standard of comfort. Our goal is to deliver tourism without negative impacts on our environment, leaving memories that last forever.


We specialise in self-drive or private guided tours to New Zealand. We have a comprehensive Collection of Accommodations, Experiences and private transport options plus many sample itinerary ideas to help you plan a touring route that matches your interests. You can take one of our suggestions and then edit it to suit.

Once you are ready to book, most travellers use a travel agent, but if you prefer, we make it easy for you to contact all the operators with one email.

Note: does not deal directly with the public. If you want to contact one of the members, please use their contact details which can be found on The Collection page.


Contact us if you are interested in writing an article which would feature several of our members, we can introduce you and quickly pull something together. Whilst we have a small budget for print media, we may be able to offer prize collateral.

Travel Sellers

We are here to help you connect with the operators.  If you need to find an Inbound Tour Operator, we can help put you in touch with companies that may suit you best - they will have all our products loaded making commissionable booking easy.  

Use our Agents Page to get all the information in one easy place.

We can create a White Label site for you to display our Collection on your own website (minus any contact details) and with your own branding, or send you text and images for use on your site.

We can arrange Famil trips if you want to meet any specific operators.

All our members are Trade Ready and compliant, we believe in regenerative tourism and want to work with agents who bring responsible independent travellers to New Zealand. 


Do you have a true passion for giving your guests the best experience? Does your product suit the mid-high value couples market looking for authentic New Zealand? Have a look at The Collection page, you will soon see if you fit within the group. Most members are owner-operators, all have a strong sustainable ethos to their business. Members must have all the required permits and insurances. Members must work with the Travel Trade and pay industry-standard commissions. Competing members are welcome, it gives choice to the end customer and ensures that we remain the single representation group for our sector. 


  • promote our Brand to the Travel Trade - we all work with the same group of agents so it makes so much sense to work together to save costs and time. We are more interesting to travel agents as a group than we are as many individual businesses
  • are a community of operators with the same issues so we can represent the Boutique Sector with our tourism industry bodies and use our combined voice to work for change
  • are a great referral & support network
  • have a website promoting both agent and direct bookings
  • work with media to create stories to promote our Brand
  • we are not-for-profit so all your levies are used directly to market the Brand

NZ Association of Travel Operators's Committee 2022/23


Ewa Rodezka-Pollard

Former Chairman of Heritage Inns


David Gatward-Ferguson

Nomad Safaris, Queenstown


Chris Rye

Fyffe Country Lodge, Kaikoura


Brian Lucas

Wildsouth Discovery, Christchurch


Clare de Carteret-Bisson

Former Owner of Green Journeys