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This page is designed for you to customise your itinerary.  When you are ready, you can book direct with each accommodation or activity (in a single email), or, if you prefer, to use one of our Recommended New Zealand Travel Agents you can still build your itinerary here and then at the last step send it to one of our specialist luxury travel consultants to book your holiday.

Once you have booked your accommodation and activities, use Getting Around New Zealand to book internal flights, the inter-island ferry and ground transport.






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Edit - Book - Print - Go

Once you name, date and save your itinerary you can make booking enquiries and print documentation.

You can return to edit your itinerary at any time.

Build Itinerary

Click + on an item from the list of Activities and Accommodations below to Add it to the workspace.

If you need to insert an accommodation or activity not in our collection, or a flight or ferry booking, use an Other item to store your notes.

Drag items around the workspace with the drag symbol, click x on the item to delete it, click + or - to extend or reduce nights.

Name your itinerary above and give it a start date.

Go to the Journeys page to select and add whole itineraries to this page then edit here.

Go to the Collection page to select and add accommodations or activities then edit here.

View on a map

View your route on a map of New Zealand.

Send a booking enquiry

Send an email to any or all the operators to ask more questions or to make bookings.

Travel Documentation

Download or print documents or itineraries as you need them.